The Top Five Energy Efficiency Smartphone Apps

The Top Five Energy Efficiency Smartphone Apps

17:19 24 March in Uncategorized

Today, we can use our cell phones constantly and there are Apps for everything. You can control your thermostat with your smart phone, why not track your energy usage. These days, everyone is energy conscious and looking for ways to reduce their energy bill. Below are a few Apps that you can download to track your energy usage:

Kill Ur Watts:  A free app for iPhone and iPad. Using Green Button Connect to access data provided by your utility company. With the app, you can track energy usage for your residential home. You will recieve energy saving tips, see how your energy usage compares to others, and see how your energy dollars are being spent.  Kill Ur Watts. Free App

Wiser EMS (Wiser Energy Management System) Makes energy use easy to view and understand with infographics. You can see where you can reduce energy comsumption to save money. Free App

Energy Tracker  Shows you how to avoid unnecessary energy expenses. You will be able to see how how much energy your  appliance or system has used.  99 cents in the App Store

Green Outlet  Shows you what appliances in your house that use the most energy. After entering some data, the app will calculate your average monthly cost. .99 on Itunes.

Light Bulb Finder You can find out where to purchase energy efficient light bulbs. The app will gather information about what bulbs you are already using at home. You will get a recommendation about the best bulb alternative based on cost savings and environmental impact!

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