Protecting Your Air Conditioning System From Lightning Surges

Protecting Your Air Conditioning System From Lightning Surges

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If you have been a Florida resident for any length of time, you know in the summer there is a lot of thunder storms. Frequently, we have power outages or power surges, that can cause everything in your home to shut off. If you are aware there is a storm coming, the best thing you can do is turn off your air conditioner at the thermostat until the storm passes.

Lightning Facts
Florida is the lightning capital of the world.
Florida averages 1.4 million lightning strikes a year.
In 2015 alone, there were 11,898 related homeowner insurance claims in Florida.

How Lightning or Power Surges Can Hurt Your Air Conditioner

  • Damage the capacitor
  • Trip the breaker or blow fuses
  • Burn electrical wires
  • Damage the compressor

With frequent storms and hurricanes in the summer months it is a good idea to have surge protection for your home.

There are a few different ways to go. You can buy a surge protector for your major appliances including your air conditioning system. But FPL has an alternative called Surge Shield. It is whole house protection for your home. It is installed inside your electric meter, and protects all of your major appliances, including your air conditioner, from power surges or outages. Surge Shield comes with a $5000.00 limited manufacturer’s warranty per appliance, per occurance.

If you have any questions about surge protection or have problems with your air conditioning give us a call at 321-639-4691.

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