Pre Service Check List

Use this checklist before we arrive for your appointment.

By preparing your technician can get straight to servicing your system:

* Know where all the equipment is located in your home.

* Perform basic Troubleshooting

*Check your air filter. Dirty air filters are a common cause of problems.

* Write down the model # of all your products.

*Be ready to explain clearly what problems you are having.

*Know when the problem began.

*Make sure the unit and crawl spaces are easily accessible for the technician.

*Be prepared to answer the phone. We will call you to let you know we are on the way.

*If you are a renter, make sure you clear the service call with your landlord.

*If your heat pump is frozen, make sure you shut off the unit before the technician arrives.

* Have all information of previously done work available for the technician.

*Be prepared to make a payment to the service tech.