4 Cool Gadgets To Slash Your Energy Bill

4 Cool Gadgets To Slash Your Energy Bill

17:22 24 March in Uncategorized

Everyone wants to lower there electric bill!  We don’t always realize the amount of energy we are wasting. Leaving on lights when they are not in use, leaving small appliances in use make the meter spin all day. Below are several ideas to lower your electric bill:

Vampire Power or Phantom Energy Unplugging unused electrical devices can save you an estimated 15% on your energy bill every month. This means unplugging coffee pots, toasters, cell phone chargers, tablets and computers.

Smart Power Strips: Works to reduce power usage by shutting down power to products that go into standby mode.

Belkin Conservative Socket: Energy saving device that shuts off standby power after your devices are fully charged. It works on a timer 30 min, 3 hrs or 6 hrs. If you forget to unplug something it will automatically shut off at the preset time. Does not use any energy itself  when not in operation.

Wemo App  Allows you to turn off on device from anywhere using your cellphone.


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